Ill Handling Car Makes for Difficult Night for Martin

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Mooresville, NC- September 10, 2013 – Martin and the crew of the no.44 U.S. Forensic Toyota Camry team had high hopes returning to Richmond International Raceway. However, luck was not on their side. An ill handling car from the start of the race resulted in a disappointing 30th place finish for Martin and crew.

Hal Martin on Virginia 529 College Savings 250 at Richmond International Raceway

This was the first track in which you’ve made a second start as a NASCAR Nationwide Series driver this year, how was the race for you?

“Disappointing to say the least” Martin replied. “From the drop of the green flag, my car just would not cooperate. We fought an unbalanced car all evening. The car wouldn’t rotate the middle of the corner causing it to be loose off of the corners.”

Despite multiple adjustments and an aggressive pit strategy in an attempt to regain some of the laps lost, luck was not on Martin’s side. After qualifying in 30th position, Martin in his no.44 U.S. Forensic Toyota Camry would finish in the same position in which they started the event – 30th place.
As a mechanical engineer and former employee of U.S. Forensic, what was it like for you to represent this company?

“I am so very proud that I got the opportunity to represent U.S. Forensic this past weekend” Martin replied. “After graduating from the University of New Orleans in 2009, being able to work for U.S. Forensic was a wonderful expereince. I learned so much about so many different facets of mechanical engineering. My bosses, Gary Bell and Mike DeHarde, in the New Orleans office were so patient with me as a new engineer and were also very supportive of my aspirations of becoming a NASCAR Nationwide Series driver. Being able to have their logo all over my race car was an honor. I just wish we had a stronger finish for them.”
This week you participated in a Q/A Session at the Toyota Pit Pass area, how was that?

Martin stated “I love participating in Toyota’s at track events. Interacting with the NASCAR Nationwide Series fans is an honor and a privilege. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing.” Martin added, “During my interview, I made sure to stress to the younger fans the importance of pursing your dreams as well as your education. In this day and age, being college educated is so very important. Although driving in the NASCAR Nationwide Series is my job now, I know that I can always fall back on my education and pursue mechanical engineering again. In college, I learned so much about life, it’s not just all about what was taught in the classroom. It’s a valuable experience on so many levels.”

Looking Forward

Martin will pilot the TriStar Motorsports No.44 Oracle Lighting Toyota Camry at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, KS on October 5, 2013

Stay tuned for exciting raffles on Facebook and Twitter as the race approaches.

Race Recap:
Virginia 529 College Savings 250
Richmond International Raceway
Richmond, VA
Start: 30
Finish: 30
U.S. Forensic

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